Money management, made easy

Crunch is a personal finance management app that empowers you to seamlessly link your bank accounts & cards into a single dashboard for ultimate financial clarity

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91,255.16 AED
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Effortlessly manage your money
Track and build your net worth
Achieve financial well-being

Sync your bank accounts to get a global view of your finances

See your balances and transactions in one place without having to log into multiple bank apps. Easily search transactions and have them automatically categorized. Group accounts any way you want and give them a color. Managing many accounts and staying organized has never been easier.

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Set and track your budgets to know where your money goes

Set your spending limits and always know how much you can spend without going over. Create unlimited custom budgets to track what matters to you and avoid overspending. The budget progress bars show you where you are vs. where you should be in real time.

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Get valuable insights and understand your financial habits to make healthier choices

Understand your financial health with personal insights such as category breakdowns, cashflow charts, networth history over time, or your top 3 expenses/incomes. Benchmarking insights also help you understand your performance compared to your peers allowing you to smartly plan for your future goals.

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Because we care,
we’re security aware

Reduce risk, monitor your spendings and resolve issues proactively with Crunch


Crunch provides different security layers to help keep your information secure. You can also add a passcode or faceID login for on-device added layer of protection.


We keep all collected data anonymized. None of your personal data is linked to you or your personal details. Data privacy is our utmost priority.


To ensure robust protection, we implement encryption protocols. This means that all sensitive information, such as financial data and personal details, is encoded using advanced encryption algorithms.


Crunch does not view, access or store your bank account credentials. Fetching data is done through third party providers highly regulated by authorities to provide a read-only copy of your transaction data.

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Monthly Subscription

19.99 AED

Yearly Subscription

199.99 AED

Here's what you unlock by subscribing!

Bank Syncs

Get unlimited bank syncs of all your accounts and cards to get 24/7 visibility on your financials

Personal Insights

Full unrestricted access to insights for a complete understanding of your financial performance

Multiple Manual Budgets

Create multiple flexible budgets to stay in control and monitor your progress

Upcoming Bills Detection

Let Crunch track your upcoming bills, know when they're due, and avoid unwanted subscriptions

Currently available in:

United Arab Emirates
List of Banks
Other countries
Coming Soon...
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What is Crunch ? 

Crunch is a personal finance management app that empowers individuals to effortlessly manage their money, grow their net worth, and achieve financial well-being. Crunch does this by allowing users to seamlessly connect their bank accounts, credit cards, loans, or savings accounts through a safe & secure platform; it then automatically categorizes transactions, provides valuable insights on spending habits, monitors/tracks your budgets, and even benchmarks your financial performance with that of your peers, all done anonymously and privately. Crunch is registered in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) under Crunch App Ltd.
Click here to explore Crunch's capabilities.

Who can use Crunch?

Crunch has been designed to cater to anyone who is looking to get better at managing their money. Whether your financial knowledge is quite limited, or you are a money whiz, Crunch will help you take control of your finances so you can achieve your goals. Our aim is to empower you with the right tools which will improve your financial skills and help you get more organized with your money.

I want to manage my money but don't know where or how to start?

The first step in becoming an expert at managing your money is to get a full picture of your finances and reach an understanding about your spending habits. Crunch will provide you with all that and so much more with minimal effort from the user. We do the heavy lifting on your behalf and provide you with the necessary information for you to focus on growing your net worth. With Crunch, we want to deconstruct the intimidation behind money management because we believe managing money is like a game and it should only feel fun and exciting.

What banks are supported?

Crunch currently supports most account types (Current, Credit, Savings) from the following Banks : Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), Citibank, Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD), Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), Emirates Islamic (EI 2.0), Emirates NBD (ENBDX), First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), HSBC, Liv (by Emirates NBD), Mashreq Al Islami Bank, Mashreq Neo Bank, Mashreq Bank, Rakbank, Sharjah Islamic Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Wio Bank P.J.S.C.

Is it safe to enter my bank credentials on Crunch?

We've partnered with third-party providers regulated by authorities to handle bank account linking securely. When you link your bank account, a separate window managed by our trusted partners opens. Your credentials are handled exclusively by them and are never viewed, stored, or accessed by Crunch. This ensures that your sensitive information remains secure and highly protected throughout the process.
Click here to learn more about linking your accounts.

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